One passion, one soil, one history, one champagne: our Family Tradition

A woman is actually at the root of the Champagne Lagille & Son estate. Our grandmother and great grandmother, named Cecile, had begun to work the vineyard.
In 1975, Bernard & Marie created the Champagne Lagille & Son estate and began marketing. In 2005, with their children's starting to work on the estate, they invested in a modern facility for winemaking.

Vineyards & Terroir

We are Independent Winegrowers, who harvest and elaborateour Champagnes from our own grapes on our estate in Treslon, a village located in the Ardre Valley. Our winery consists of Meunier (57%) which brings fruit to the wine, Chardonnay (26%) for its finesse and elegance and finally Pinot Noir (17%) for its roundness, its power.
Our vines are mainly facing south; most grow on clay and limestone grounds.


Our commitment starts with sustainable viticulture, followed by constant innovations to optimize quality.
During grape ripening, samples are regularly taken over the entire property to decide upon the date of harvest.
Manual harvesting is followed by a separate vinification of each parcel's grape aiming to determine the distinctive features of each parcel before blending takes place.
Our wines are fermented and vinified in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, enameled vats and oak barrels (made of sessile oak grown in the Champagne area).
Depending on the cuvees, our wines rest in cellars from 3 to 7 years. Then riddling by hands is carried out on the traditional riddling rack.